Dharma Sutra

A romance to help you find your true self and spirituality by having lots of sex!

Sylvia Dharma has a holiday romance with Remus Jallow, a West African palm tapper, and moves to The Gambia. She becomes involved with a Botswana hitman to take on the dangerous Bob Jatta, a sexually dysfunctional people trafficker whom she has publicly offended.

Her estranged husband, Jeffrey, goes to India and finds love in the Tibetan community of Dharamsala. He forms a cult of sexual self-realisation with Sylvia’s former lover, Remus. The two are joined by a Japanese adult video star and her grown-up aborted daughter. Guidance comes from a beer-loving Jesus with a little help from Jagannath, Lord of the Universe; and the words of Leonard Cohen.

‘A cracking good read,’ Alan Macmillan Orr, author of The Little Book of Life and The Natural Mind – Waking Up, Volumes 1–3.